domenica 29 agosto 2010

Strange Animals Chasing

Sorry for the long absence from the pages of this blog, but in the last month I had various problems with my computer, which decided to take an "holiday period" (in other words: it went broke, kaputt!!); As already wrote somewhere, it is the truth when you said that nowadays computers are useful work mates, but you can't avoid when they get crazy and decide to stop running; So, thanks to my tech-talentuous brother, I reached to get back easily all the data and files I was working on; This illustration is the result of the work of the last few days;

Just a thing I decided to re-do after I found this old pencil sketch to practise more with the software Art Rage; Well, why this hungry crocodile is supposed to chase this scared tiger?

pencil sketches

A year ago, on the deviantart web site, it was asked me if I could illustrate a short story which took place in the jungle, about a poor little boy who was persecuted by aTiger, who wanted to eat him; luckly the boy is saved by a crocodile that ate the evil feline;

Run Tiger, Run!!!

At the time I did various drawing, but I wasn't sactisfied with the digital coloring: I was willing to give it the atmosphere of old fairy tales books, but I didn't know the way, how to get that effect; Now, a year later, I re-take the old sketches and though: "why not to color them and try to see if it comes as I had in mind?"

I couldn't resist at put on the crocodile fork and knife, it is the kind of stuff that you can't miss when drawing a funny animal chasing!

3 commenti:

  1. ohoho, great characters! I love this cartoon style! The tiger's pose is so cool!

  2. Simply adorable!!! I really hope you'll draw some more sketches of those funny duo somewhere in the future...

  3. Awww, so you have any more sketches ???