giovedì 4 novembre 2010

How to "hire" ( = rip off) an Artist from internet: READ!!

Just a brief post to let you know this article brought by "Roba Da Disegnatori" which explains you the way some persons "hire" you from internet (deviantart web site in primis!!) and exploit your skills and energies without paying (or a few cents) you or undervalueating your efforts for nothing!

Original article

Italian translated article

Take a look and spread this message: every artist or wanna-be so need to know how to protect him/herself and face those internet "predators"! And remind: just because we love drawing and painting as a job, it doesn't mean we must be treaten in this way or work for free! We also need our daily baguette and pay taxes and duties! What a shame...

Allow me to add, even if the article was written in a ironical way, I would have give to the author a kick in that place where the sun doesn't shine! It is a real offence to all the persons who are making efforts to work in the artistic field!


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