venerdì 15 aprile 2011

Under the cherry trees- Haiku4happiness

My contribution for "Haiku 4 happiness", a project in order to help Japan after the terrible earthquake of the past month; Personally I felt scared for everything that happened, and as I heard about this event, I immediately wanted to offer all my support, even if just little;

It took me a week to complete it and made any adjustments; For this illustration I used the software ArtRage, then I refined it with Photoshop;

Pssst...Stay tuned for more future news about this work, there's something special boiling in the Pot.... ;-)

8 commenti:

  1. Seppur in ritardo, ti ringrazio Mariangela :D !!!

  2. dato che il disegno lo conosco già ( e sai già quanto mi piaccia ^^ ), l'unico commento intelligente da fare è che mi incuriosisce tantissimo il "pssst... ecc" finale... mi chiedo cosa bolle in pentola XD

  3. Grazie Simona =D !!

    Alex, penso che tu sappia già più del dovuto riguardo a ciò che sta bollendo in pentola, eheh!!! xD

  4. XD

    non avevo capito ti riferissi a "quella cosa" eheh...

  5. Beautiful painting, I love the color scheme! Very good work, Silvia! Oh and thanks for joining my blog, I just saw it today! :D

  6. Thank you, dear Miriam!!
    you are most welcome: keep on with your good bloggie :)