mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

IF- disguised

This was an old sketch (I love sketching foxes BTW, they are so funny!!), but I think it can fit well for the Iillustration Friday topic of this week;
Also, tomorrow it will be the 1th day of september, and soon it will start my top favorite season: autumn! I can wait to see all the colorful leaves and enjoy the crispy atmosphere of this period, I'm sure it's going to be inspiring (and full of work too, duh! I'm already working on the final thesis at the university)

10 commenti:

  1. Ciao Silvia hai ragione i colori autunnali sono meravigliosi. Se dovessi scegliere una stagione preferita sarei indecisa tra la primavera e l'autunno :)
    Comunque complimenti per i tuoi lavori, ho spulciato il tuo blog e mi è piaciuto molto ^^
    Continua così


  2. bello Silvia! e ancora una volta ritorna l' amore per le volpi rosse come i colori dll' autunno, tra l' altro!)

  3. This is so pretty and fits perfectly for the season!!! What is illustration Friday?:O Can everyone participate to that? I would love to!!!*_* (Kaarina)

  4. Illustration Friday is like a weekly "competition" between other artists, everybody can join...and you have too without no exception ;) ! every week a new word or theme is given (for example, this was disguised) then you must draw something concerned with it (it could be also something old you've already done, no worries), the deadline is on friday, when another new theme is given, and so on... BTW, I'm happy to see you too here too <3 !!

  5. Che bella questa volpe, sul cuscino di foglie rende perfettamente l'idea dell'autunno !