martedì 21 febbraio 2012

Quel momento speciale della pausa caffè...

Dopo una levataccia sui libri a studiare nulla può essere più rigenerante di una pausa caffè: per me un piccolo momento zen per dare un pò di respiro alla mente affaticata prima di riprendere con lo studio! L'illustrazione è ispirata al tema caffè scelto da Io disegno a modo mio.
When you study hard on books there's nothing better than a coffee-break: a real zen moment to relax the tired mind! Done for this week's challenge of Disegno a Modo mio, Coffee.

PS. ever tried the ginseng one? I'm not a great coffee drinker, but I like very much how it tastes: very delicate, you don't even need to add sugar to sweeten it, just sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon and it is done!

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  1. OOH, so lovely drawing! ^^ I could easily imagine it on some nice café`s wall or on the some luxury coffee blend´s package! (the name of the coffee could be "A zen coffee moment", made for students especially! :) ) Where do find week´s drawing challenges? I would like to try it too!!! :D

    Also I got curious about ginseng coffee! (I´m not much of coffee drinker either! But tea, tea, tea! <3 )

    1. Kaarina!!! But really?? xD ihih
      it is an issue I always feel close in real life, in particular during the past months! I can't imagine studying without having a pause to drink something warm! I discovered the ginseng coffee thanks to a friend: if you are not used to the classic, bitter one you will like it (but you know, deep inside my heart, I'm always a Tea girl)!!

      This was a challenge of an italian blog, as Illustration friday, they give each week a theme, and you have to draw something according to it untill the deadline: There should be the english button to translate! next time they suggest another theme, you can ask to join too!!

    2. Really, really!^^ And I would buy that coffee instantly! (but not if it´s instant coffee!XDlol, get it?XD)
      What are you studying now??? Breaks are vital!!!:)
      I have to make some search, I´m not sure is there such coffee in Finland´s stores:D (huh, that`s a relief to hear that you´re still a Tea girl!:3)

      Thank you! Oh great, I will keep my eye on the blog!!!:D

    3. Got it xD me neither I like the instant coffee... what they put inside of it? I'm very defiant!!
      I will update you then, that would be super cool :D
      At the moment I wait to start again the last two years to complete the uni education, in october, in the meanwhile I'm working a bit here and there and I'm involved in a little project... soon I will tell you more!

    4. Haha, I have no idea, even a sight of it in a grocery store makes me sick!xD

      Oh, yay!^^

      Will you be after that a graduate student?*_* A bit here and there sounds nice!:) I need to start applying for summer jobs! Oh, a project?? You got me curious!!! :D

  2. Ma ciao ^^

    Ora i commenti sono aperti anche con 'Nome/url' .. meraviglioso!!

    Un sorriso

    1. buahahahah xD
      hai visto che brava??? ci sono riuscita ^___^

      Tra un pò trovo un momento libero e riesco pure a risponderti per mail! (PS. Bulbi interrati!!!!!)